Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Hunk for the Holidays by Katie Lane

Cassie McPherson works for her family's construction business. She longs to be an architect but is basically a glorified accountant because she is doing what she believes her father (the head of the company) wants. At the beginning of the book Cassie is in need of a date for a family/company party. She hires an escort - something she periodically does - not for sex, just when she needs to go to a social gathering for work. The escorts are usually college kids looking for extra cash. When a handsome man shows up at the appointed pick up time, Cassie automatically assumes that he is her paid date. The reader is aware almost immediately that "James" is actually James Sutton - one of her family's top competitors. At first James keeps quiet about the fact that he's not her intended date because he is physically attracted to her. He later keeps quiet because he starts to fall for her and is worried that she'll be mad that he didn't tell her sooner. James isn't really aware, until late in the story, how Cassie's family views James Sutton. When he finds out, he realizes that this is yet another thing that Cassie might hold against him. There is a little miscommunication at the end between the two lovers but I found this to be a fun, sexy romance between two great characters. James turned out to be a softer and more romantic character than I had thought he would be from the opening of the book. And I thought the thing at the end with the Christmas trees and the neighbor's help to be very romantic and sweet.
I liked the side story with Cassie's brother Rory and her friend Amy. I thought there were a few "Awww..." moments with their romance & was happy that it resolved itself by the end of the book. I look forward to more stories about Cassie's brothers.

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