Wednesday, July 25, 2012

How To Marry a Warlock in 10 Days by Saranna DeWylde

I laughed a lot while reading this book. Midnight "Middy" Cherry wood is a nice girl and a good witch. She's not that wild and she helps raise money for a charity that benefits women and children in the magical community that she's in. Mordred "Dred" Shadowins is a powerful warlock with a reputation that is partially deserved. He has had enough female conquests for his reputation as a Casanova to be fairly accurate. However his reputation as being a wicked, powerful warlock intent on destroying everything and anyone in his path in the pursuit of dark magic and dark objects is entirely undeserved. In reality Dred is a spy for his government for the greater good and performs heroic deeds that nobody ever knows about. They knew each other from school. Middy always thought Dred disliked her because he would always pick on her - turning her braids into snakes and calling her Cherry-Would-If-She-Could. You find out later that he turned her braids into snakes because he thought her hair was so beautiful that he could only think to turn them into something unpleasant so he could concentrate. There are some very "out there" scenes in this book - Dred has some bizarre but funny dream sequences & he posed for a sort of magical version of Playgirl magazine. However with this magazine, buyers have the option of paying for an interactive edition which makes for some very comical moments. At the very beginning of this book, I thought that Dred was going to very a sleazeball type that would steamroll Middy's character. Dred ended up being a better hero than that and Middy ended up being a stronger character than that. There were some scenes that showed Middy being highly embarrassed (though they were very funny to read), but I liked how she put Dred off balance by her frank and sassy comments. I really enjoyed this naughty, very funny book. I found the supporting characters interesting. I can't wait to see what happens with Middy's friend Tally in the next book. And, since I haven't read the previous book, I will have to grab a copy of it so that I can read Caspian's story.

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