Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Unspoken by Sarah Rees Brennan

I got a copy of this book as an advanced reader copy through Net Galley. I don’t usually read Young Adult novels. I don’t for a few reasons – I’m not a young adult, but I also find that authors sometimes try too hard to make the characters “typical” teenagers and they come out sounding like stereotypes. That is not the case with this book. The teenage characters are interesting, quirky, non-stereotypical characters.
The main character in this book is 17yr old Kami Glass. She lives with her father, mother and two younger brothers Ten & Tom. I enjoyed the author’s exploration of the Glass family. Her brothers are a trip. I loved how three-dimensional all the characters were. I enjoyed reading the parts where Kami & her friends were playing detective and hunting down clues. She and her friends are working for the school newspaper and looking into the strange goings-on around town.
Since Kami can remember she’s had a voice in her head sharing her thoughts, her “imaginary friend” Jared. Eventually Jared & Kami meet – surprising each other by turning out to both be real people and not just the “imaginary friends” they had thought. The “how” and “why” of their special relationship is revealed near the end of the book. I love how the author has Kami & Jared deal with their relationship – it seemed very real and not forced to me. There are some very funny parts in the book, even though the tone of the story gets a little heavier and intense as the end nears. I loved Kami’s best friend Angela – very beautiful, not a people-person, and perpetually lazy like her older brother Rusty. One of my favorite lines from the book is:
“Oh my God, Jared. Don't tough-talk the lambs.” I still smile when I read that.
I was frustrated that the book ended on a cliffhanger. This book captured my interest from the moment I started it and I read it straight through until the end. I cannot wait until the second book comes out so I can see what happens next. I’m dying to know.

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