Thursday, March 15, 2012

A SEAL In Wolf's Clothing by Terry Spear

This is not the first wolf book I've read by Terry Spear. I love the books in this series for a few reasons: I love werewolf books, the world is very layered & well-created, you like & care about the characters, the chemistry between the hero & heroine is fab, & the story keeps you guesing & interested. Normally I don't care for a lot of action in my romances, but the romance balances out the action.

Finn (the hero) is a Navy SEAL & a werewolf. He is part of Meara (the heroine)'s brother's SEAL group. Sparks fly between the two right from the beginning. But other than some serious teasing, there is no nastiness in their verbal sparring, which I appreciated. It was fun guessing throughout the story who the evil mastermind was. Some new interesting characters were introduced: Bjornolf (deep undercover good guy operative), Anna (part of Finn's SEAL team), & Paul. Rourke (a character from a previous book) was re-introduced and his character was made more interesting throughout the story - making the reader hoping that the author will give him a book of his own in the future. Great book & series!

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