Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Wicked Lord by Eliza Lloyd

Rating: ★★★★
This is book 3 of a series. This is the 1st book that I've read by this author. I think it would have been helpful if I would have read the other books in this series first.
The book starts out w/ the hero & heroine just newly married and in a carriage on the way to the wedding breakfast. This is a much different carriage ride then the one between St. Vincent and Evie (from Devil In Winter by Lisa Kleypas). St. Vincent & Evie were entering into something that benefited both of them. In this story by Lloyd, the heroine (Helene) believes herself to be in love with somebody else - therefore resenting her father's forced betrothal and subsequent marriage to our hero (Edward Chase, Lord Redding). Lord Redding wants marriage to try and restore respectability to his family name. He has had a very naughty, very scandalous past. Of course, it doesn't hurt that Helene is a stunner who he drools over and fantasizes about. Helene is an artist who eventually finds herself in lust w/ the wicked Lord Redding, but has trouble reconciling that attraction w/ lately being in love w/ somebody else as well as her natural dislike of Redding's personality. The story becomes how they slowly fall for each other. Thrown into the mix is the ex-fiance showing up, as well as Redding's former mistress and mother of his deceased child. Since this is a book published by Ellora's Cave, there is a healthy amount of sex. However, I think that there is a well done story here, as well as complex characters. I also think that the sex fits the situations and the characters - it's not just thrown in at odd times. After reading this, I am interested in reading book 2.

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