Wednesday, January 25, 2012

A Kind Of Magic by Susan Sizemore

Rating: 4.5 stars

The book starts out in present day w/ the heroine. She works as an engineer, & is not a delicate little woman. Her mother is matchmaking to set her up with the guy she's had a crush on for forever. Long story short - after putting on a necklace from an archaeological site, she is transported to the year 1210 in the Highlands. Rowan Murray is the spitting image of the guy the heroine has pined for. The White Lady tells him that in order to save his clan he has to marry the first woman he sees on the road home. This turns out to be Maddie (our heroine). I've read a lot of these time traveling/highlander books. This is what I liked about this book:

* Susan Sizemore's writing
* The hero believes in magic even though he doesn't like it - so he can easily accept that Maddie came from some distant future land
* Even though the hero tries to put some emotional space between the two of them, he has moments where he expresses his true feelings, thus making him more than a angry, gruff Highlander
* The heroine's engineering background is made use of
* Nice secondary love story
* I love how natural & real Susan Sizemore's heroines sound

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