Sunday, April 9, 2017

Tempting Kate by Jennifer Snow

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TEMPTING KATE is book two in Jennifer Snow’s “Wild Wedding Nights” series. This book is exactly the kind of sexy good time I want in a romance novel. Kate Hartley is a wedding planner. Scott Dillon is a man trying to stop a wedding from happening. When their worlds collide, you get explosive yet delightful results.

Kate is a flawed but relatable and sympathetic heroine. Although she has good reasons for wanting the wedding she’d been planning to materialize, she has a conscience and she struggles with whether to listen to her head or her heart. Although it might be easy to cast Scott in the role of villain in TEMPTING KATE, Jennifer Snow has written him as a very multi-layered character – charming, rakish, hard-working, sensitive, funny, and a loyal brother. He doesn’t try to break up his brother’s wedding for selfish reason or because of a wounded ego, but because he genuinely doesn’t want his brother to get hurt in the long-term. Scott’s playful yet determined seduction of Kate is amazeballs and so fun to read about. I love that he finds himself seduced as he tries to seduce Kate.

The ending of TEMPTING KATE is imaginative and satisfying. The main characters in TEMPTING KATE take you by surprise and never do what you’d expect, making for a refreshing story. I look forward to reading Jennifer Snow’s next book.

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