Friday, July 3, 2015

Claiming His Secret Son by Olivia Gates

I got the book directly from the author for an honest review. LOVE her books :)

I love Olivia Gates's books and have enjoyed this series so far but was a little anxious about reading this book. Richard Graves aka Cobra is a complex hero. The glimpses of him in previous books have not made him likable - to say the least. His past was sketchy and the side he chose to show to others was not warm and fuzzy. I like what Olivia Gates has done with him. His past is fully revealed in this story and he actually becomes somewhat of a sympathetic character. The heroine is a woman from his past and their history is very complicated. Isabella is a wonderful heroine. Like Richard, he is a complicated character and I liked her a lot. She's survived difficult circumstances. As with other books by Olivia Gates, Claiming His Secret Son is filled with super steamy sex scenes and strong emotions. The intensity and passion make this a compelling story that is hard to put down.

Also - props to whoever chose the cover model because, as a fan of this series - he is spot on for how I pictured the character.

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