Monday, November 4, 2013

Dangerous Curves Ahead by Sugar Jamison

This is Book 1 in the author’s “Perfect Fit” series. Ellis Garrett is a complex woman. She is a plus size woman who owns a clothing shop catering to other plus size women. She is essentially a strong character taking a chance in her life. She left her lucrative career as a lawyer as well as her verbally abusive boyfriend and changed her life. I immediately liked her and her quick wit until she started being too self-deprecating. Eventually I realized that this was just a flaw that humanized the character. I liked that she stood up to her jerk ex-boyfriend and his nasty interfering aunt. Her move back to her hometown has been a somewhat smooth transition so far. However, one day she runs into a person she never expected again – Mike Edwards. She and Mike have a muddled past. Some years ago, they had some deep conversations, but then she walked in her bedroom to find him making out with her sister. It wasn’t that Mike was a bad guy – he wasn’t dating Ellis at the time and he was unaware that the room Dina had taken him to was her sister’s. However, it’s something that still hangs over her like a shadow – in part because her relationship with her sister has never been the same, and because it also fed her insecurities. It’s also a little blow to the ego that Mike doesn’t remember who she is, she just seems somehow familiar. I didn’t think I would like Mike at first, but he grew on me. He always treats Ellis with respect and plays gallant knight by trying to slay her dragons. I sometimes felt she was a little too hard on him. They both have relationship issues, but I felt that Mike tried a little harder to make the relationship work. I liked Ellis’s parents – I especially loved her dad. Her dad was so adorable and it was obvious how much he loved her. Her sister Dina was a mess in this story. Hopefully she’ll work her issues out in a later book. I liked Mike’s friend Colin and look forward to reading his story. Overall, this was a good story with lots of drama. This book was provided by the publisher free in return for an honest review.

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