Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Not Another Wedding by Jennifer McKenzie

Poppy Sullivan and Jamie Cartwright have been close friends for years. When Poppy is invited to his wedding to a woman named Emmy, after only knowing her two months, she feels she has to stop her friend from making a huge mistake. I was happy that Poppy ended up waiting and watching, rather than immediately having an embarrassing confrontation with Emmy. I got the impression, while reading the story, that Poppy’s motivation was always concern for her friend rather than anything self-centered. Also in town for the upcoming nuptials is Beck Lefebvre – Jamie’s cousin. Poppy and Beck have a past. They had a love affair as teens that ended when Beck abruptly left town with his family. This is the first time they have seen each other since that time. They both have different reactions to seeing each other for the first time. Poppy’s reaction is to flee and Beck’s reaction is to pursue. They find out that they both have regrets about how things worked out between them. They are both still very attracted but there are some internal conflicts and emotional walls that they have each put up. Poppy has trouble trusting that Beck won’t abandon her like she felt he did way back then. Beck has some relationship issues that stem from his parents and the crazy on-again, off-again relationship they have. Poppy and Beck find that there is still a lot of love between them, even after all the years spent apart.  Jamie and Emmy were sweet together. I really liked Jamie. The scenes between Poppy and Beck were fun and steamy. I liked that Beck had to jump through hoops to get Poppy back at the end. The resolution was very satisfying.

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