Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Killer Honeymoon by G.A. McKevett

This book picks up right where the previous book left off. In the previous book P.I. Savannah Reid marries best buddy/turned romantic interest Detective Dirk Coulter. The murder in this book takes place while they are starting their honeymoon. While looking out from their lighthouse cottage, Savannah’s interest is caught by a woman darting about suspiciously. After running down to scope things out, her instincts are proven correct when she witnesses the woman shot to death on the beach. Even though they are on honeymoon, having witnessed the woman’s death firsthand, they can’t help getting involved in the investigation. On a more personal level, Savannah is reminded of her recent brush with death after being shot. Of course the fact that the local police force seem to be totally inept make stepping in too irresistible.  One of the roadblocks in their investigation comes in the form of Chief Charlotte La Cross. For better or worse, she is the law on the island of Santa Tesla and her lack of cooperation & involvement with one of the main suspects make things difficult. I enjoyed this mystery and, as a longtime fan, enjoy the usual things about this series that make it a delight. This is a fun cozy, with great characters that you care about and enjoy watching the team effort in solving the crime. The disastrous first sting operation was a hoot. I love the new additions of Savannah’s brother Waycross and her Granny Reid to the “Scooby gang”. I’d love for them to be regulars in future books. I thought the romance was sweet and balanced with the mystery. I enjoyed the ending with Dirk getting his own man cave in Savannah’s house & the revelations about his family. Can’t wait until the next book comes out!

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