Thursday, December 13, 2012

Lord Stillwell's Excellent Engagement by Victoria Alexander

Ok, so...... I was looking forward to reading the teensy ebook Lord Stillwell's Excellent Engagement by Victoria Alexander. I thought the main charcter was super cool in the most recent book What Happens at Christmas (in which he is a supporting character) - very charming & witty (was a little more interesting than the hero, quite honestly). In the book he mentions to the hero how he wrote letters to him over the years telling him of his many past broken engagements. This little ebook is the story behind those engagements. I think they first listed the price on Amazon @ $2.51, however.....I looked at the reviews on Amazon and the majority of them were 1 star negative reviews. I was baffled, but after reading them, I think most reviewers had bad preconceptions of what this was. It seemed like they expected it to be a regular romance and to be longer. I knew it was going to be a shorty and based on the description and the author's own description made me think it will be amusing vignettes told mostly through letters about an interesting character. I wrote Kensington (for whom I am a reviewer) and asked them to either send me a copy or else put a copy on Net Galley and I could get it there. Finally - I checked Net Galley the other day & they had put it there (along with the next book in the series) - except that you can just click "Read" instead of the usual "Request" for the novella. After reading it, I found it to be exactly as I expected. I don't think it's fair to just call it a "teaser" for the next book. It is 3 little vignettes that are amusing & shed more light on an interesting potential hero. The first two help explain what happens in the third. I think - if you've read What Happens at Christmas and you are as charmed by Win as I was and you plan on reading the next full length book in which he is the hero - you should read this novella.

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