Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Unnatural Acts by Kevin J. Anderson

I was hooked after the first book in this series so I was very anxious to read book 2. It did not disappoint. There were three main baddies in this book. I thought for sure that one of the bad guys would end up being Harvey Jekyll but was proven wrong. Like the first book, a lot of this book focuses on the persecution suffered by “unnaturals”. It seems very fitting to me, that Jekyll now gets that same kind of treatment being an unnatural himself now. I enjoyed meeting the new supporting characters like Bill the golem, as well as characters from the first book like Tiffany, the mummy Ramen Ho-Tep, Mrs. Saldana, & Jerry the zombie. I look forward to reading more about how Bill is doing in future books. As soon as I was introduced to the mummy madam Neffi, I was hoping that she & Ramen would get together. I really ended up getting invested in Jerry’s storyline and Dan’s investigation into finding Jerry’s heart & soul. Senator Balfour was a truly loathsome villain. I was hoping for his demise and that of his “Unnatural Acts Act”. Given the fact that I read this around election time, I saw a lot of parallels between Balfour and some real life politicians. Between the Unnatural Acts Act, and the Smile Syndicate the unnaturals had so much to deal with and there was a definite oppressive mood in parts of the book.  In spite of some of the heavier stories, like the plight of the mixed race couple (vampire/werewolf), there are a lot of funny & sweet characters & moments in this book that make it worthwhile for me. I liked the developments in Dan & Sheyenne’s relationship.
I look forward to book 3!

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